Monday, October 31, 2011

2011 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

On Saturday, we got up crazy early and made our way to downtown Atlanta and Centennial Olympic Park for the 2011 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. Our family tries to do at least one cancer walk each year with my sweet granny, who at a spry 85 years old, is a two-time breast cancer survivor. She continues to amaze me with her strength and fortitude. I wish i had a fraction of the mental toughness she has to just continue powering through life with her head held high and a great big smile on her face.

I walk for my granny and for all those who have fought the senseless battle of breast cancer. I salute every single survivor ... you are tougher than I will ever be. A special thanks to everyone who participated in this event and others like it. It makes my granny truly joyful to see you supporting others and loving strangers in a common goal. Thank you for giving joy to a beautiful woman who has spent her life giving so much to others. Keep fighting the good fight.

{a massive crowd of participants at the park ... really early ... really chilly ... really perfect!!}

{we had to get a picture with the olympic ring fountain in the background}

{even with 2 bum knees, my granny walked the entire course ... WAY TO GO!!}

{my beautiful cousins - i feel like we all look like sisters here, weird??}

{did i mention it was pretty darn chilly?}

{the radio flyer wagon got a WORKOUT. so did everyone who took turns pulling it.}

Friday, October 28, 2011

Insta-Friday {4}

{where's waldo scarecrow in downtown acworth. so cute. charlie trying to stay awake during granny's birthday lunch with us at the dogwood terrace. delicious. you should eat there.}

{no reason for a pic of me. my new bag arrived early!!}

{sleepy, sleppy dogs}

{pin cushion is out, which means more sewing. i decided i needed a treat. YUM!}

{another fire pit + delicious smores + LOTS of snuggles with this little chica. ridiculous.}

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bag lady love

i'm a bag lady. those who know me best realize this about me. i'm not the sleepin' under a bridge, pullin' a shopping cart around town kind of bag lady. i just REALLY love bags. i have a super soft spot in my bag-lovin' heart for any bag that can boast both style and substance. that's why, when i saw this killer deal for a matt + nat bag on myhabit ... i simply couldn't resist. isn't she cute?!

what's that you say? you've never heard of matt + nat bags? oh girl, you missing out. you can read a quick history of the company here. short version, their bags are cruelty-free, vegan and they utilize materials like recycled bottles (approx. 21 recycled bottles make each bag lining) & cork labels (which is incredibly sustainable & environmentally friendly to harvest) in the production of their bags and wallets. my most favorite description of what you can expect from matt + nat:
"Over Fifteen years later, our team is continuously working towards this goal, developing beautiful (we hope) products for people who appreciate a smart, unpretentious, socially conscious brand characterized by minimalist design and utility." 

sadly, these bags would normally be out of my price range, which means i lust after them from afar. this deal was amazing, almost 70% off. really?! check out all the amazing styles HERE.

Monday, October 24, 2011

{nerd alert} have you heard of Wunderkit??

i am so excited about this new product launch from 6wunderkinder. i am one of the staggering 1.3 million users of wunderlist  and i adore it.  the app is so simple and efficient. did i mention it was FREE?! if you don't have it you should download it asap. it is free for every device, use it as a web app, or download it directly to your desktop. so many options for streamlining your task management. the design elements are incredibly detailed and gorgeous. it makes looking at this app as pleasant as actually using it. it truly appeals to all levels of my nerd-iness!! i can't help myself. beautiful design and effective organization ... it's my dream COMBO of goodness. 

as if i wasn't already smitten, along comes the wunderkit ... it is going to have even more great stuff if you can believe that. tasks, sub-tasks, notes, workspaces, collaboration, dashboards, the list goes on and on. this thing looks like it is going to be a godsend for entrepreneurs and for those of us who always seem to be juggling a million "to-do" items for multiple audiences. it is so tough to keep obligations separate and on track at the same time. if you are as excited as i am, go to and sign-up for the beta version waiting list. you can also check out updates and news on the 6wunderkinder blog.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Insta-Friday {3}

another busy, but exciting week. our family changed this week. we added a new little lady named piper to the boatman crew. we've been a little obsessed with our dogs this week just trying to get them used to each other. our schedule pretty much revolved around making them happy. such as life. well, our life anyway. happy friday everyone & i hope you get a chance to do something extra fun this weekend!! 
{making piper feel at home. hooking her up with some new doggie bling. not really. just an id tag.}

{letting reese know we haven't lost any love for the eldest child. that earned him some quality couch snuggles, which is rare. he didn't hate it. we didn't either.}

{synchronized bone chewing. it's a thing. you didn't know?}

{reese is still waiting for her to leave. it's been almost a full week. will he figure it out?}

 {two of my favorite eateries. the square bagel & firehouse subs. that last one is a secret, so why don't we all just keep that in the dl ok. thanks.}

 {working on more trendy toolbox orders. are you sensing a life theme people? i know i am.}
{that is my baby niece. chillin'. i stole this pic from her mommy. i need to cuddle her ASAP.}

 {we are hoping the become great buds. they're getting there.}

Thursday, October 20, 2011

meet piper.

hello. this is piper. she is the newest member of our little family. we rescued her last week from the cobb county humane society. she was found wondering around with a buddy, but no one ever showed up to claim her. piper is black lab, she is almost 1, she has the softest coat {perfect for lots of petting by me} & she already thinks our boy reese is the best big brother ever. we are so happy to be able to give her a safe new home. please consider adopting/rescuing your next pet. these little bundles of unconditional love need good homes. it was heartbreaking to see just how many dogs were available at this one shelter. i wanted to take them all home with me. piper has quickly acclimated to our crazy schedule/life and melted our hearts in the process. we just love her to bits. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Insta-Friday {2}

i am so glad it is FINALLY friday. this has been a very long week. a bumpy week. an exhausting week. i am ready for the weekend. 
have a wonderful weekend everyone :) ... 

{my fingers are so tired from sewing trendy toolbox orders. reese "supervising" my skills.}

{patio lunch & reading at Fellini's Pizza before heading down to the A3C Hip Hop Festival.}

{the fall colors are really starting to come out now. huey luey's = best veggie quesadillas ever!}

{my zaxby's zalad was apparently a celebration. entertainment weekly reunion issue}

{breast cancer awareness ad. tasty brunch at wa-ho with my granny - who is a 2 time survivor!!}