Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bag lady love

i'm a bag lady. those who know me best realize this about me. i'm not the sleepin' under a bridge, pullin' a shopping cart around town kind of bag lady. i just REALLY love bags. i have a super soft spot in my bag-lovin' heart for any bag that can boast both style and substance. that's why, when i saw this killer deal for a matt + nat bag on myhabit ... i simply couldn't resist. isn't she cute?!

what's that you say? you've never heard of matt + nat bags? oh girl, you missing out. you can read a quick history of the company here. short version, their bags are cruelty-free, vegan and they utilize materials like recycled bottles (approx. 21 recycled bottles make each bag lining) & cork labels (which is incredibly sustainable & environmentally friendly to harvest) in the production of their bags and wallets. my most favorite description of what you can expect from matt + nat:
"Over Fifteen years later, our team is continuously working towards this goal, developing beautiful (we hope) products for people who appreciate a smart, unpretentious, socially conscious brand characterized by minimalist design and utility." 

sadly, these bags would normally be out of my price range, which means i lust after them from afar. this deal was amazing, almost 70% off. really?! check out all the amazing styles HERE.

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