Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am so excited about the new FOX show Glee. This 4 minute trailer makes me look forward to the May 19 preview even more!! Check it out. 

Whiteboard Paint ... oh, believe it ...

WHAT?!?! I love this. WHITEBOARD PAINT by Idea Paint. This apparently is not a new product, but I am just stumbling across it. I actually can't even find words at this moment to express my excitement about this brilliance in a can. If/when children should ever enter my life I feel as though much wall space must be dedicated to this product in order to allow maximum freedom of artistic expression sans the mess and hassle of repainting!! So exciting. 
I do feel like I should mention Rust-oleum makes a similar product but I would rather support Idea Paint.  

Think Big. Shop Small.

Stumble, stumble and look what I found!! This sweet little site is very reminescent of our first true we-love-&-support-indie-artists-&-crafters-website-shopping love ETSY. Same concept with an eco-twist! Cosa verde is a new marketplace connecting independent and emerging artists with environmentally-conscious consumers. They have a blog which highlights artists, new stores and even themes. If you decide to feature your work on this earth concious marketplace, they not only plant 10 trees for every new store, they donate 10% of all subscription fees paid to the charity of your choice!! That is incredible. Here are some amazing finds on my first scouting mission through the site. Prepare to fall ... in ... LOVE!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I was sitting at my kitchen counter enjoying my morning meds and a tasty bite of my mom's homemade quiche and then BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I was attacked by the most outrageously huge bee I have ever had the misfortune to meet. The picture doesn't due justice to his size, but check out those crazy jaw-clamp-pincher-teeth! Trust me, this thing was crazy. Apparently he only came inside to commit bee suicide. I didn't even touch him. After buzzing around and scarring me to death for about 15 minutes, he just landed on my floor and never beat his little tiny bee wings again.  

Monday, April 20, 2009


I was in serious need of a laugh today and ... this ... is ... HILARIOUS!! Check out the full video version of the Burger King + Sponge Bob + old school Sir Mix-a-lot = good times!! I love the throw back, LET'S KICK IT!!


This Southwest Airline attendant makes his flight much more memorable ...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


proof once again that looks can be deceiving. you really never know what someone might be capable of if you just give them the chance to show it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Olive Bites

Check out this adorable designer I found. Catherine Ivins, owner and designer of Olive Bites Studio at the Jersey shore. She uses repurposed, recycled and sustainable materials in new, unique and beautiful ways leaving the lightest possible footprint in her wake. Her work is currently focused on the use of two materials: Cork and Recycled Steel. Talk about leaving a light & beautiful footprint on our world. She makes necklaces, earrings, magnets, Here is a small sampling of her designs:

Check out more product photos and information on her WEBSITE & BLOG.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IKEA Summer

The IKEA 2009 summer catalog is here! So many wonderful things to choose from, how's a girl to decide. As always they offer some beautiful "inspiration" rooms.

If I can find a place in my yard to put one, I am getting a hammock. Every summer I pretend like I am going to put one up and then ... I don't. I feel like this might be the year. Two economical choices:

-- DYNING Hammock in 4 colors = $29.99 --

-- GRENĂ– Hammock in 3 colors = $49.99 --

Speaking of economical ... how about a little help with that electric bill? IKEA has several different solar lighting options. These two ground lighting choices, as well as many lantern style options.

-- SOLIG Solar cell lighting = $6.99 --
(too cute the look like little glowing mushrooms!)

-- SOLIG Solar Cell Post Lights = $9.99 --

I'm just saying ...

Panda Cam

Adorable. If you have never seen the Panda Cam from Zoo Atlanta, you should check it out.

500 Days of Summer

This Fox Searchlight movie swept the Sundance Film Festival. It looks like something I would love (& Scott would hate!!). It shall be added to my "must-watch-alone" list. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (he was the son on 3rd Rock from the Sun) looks all grown up and adorable. Zooey Deschanel is always adorable & interesting! She is one of those pretty girls that you love to love. She's a little quirky and it totally works for her.

500 Days of Summer in theaters July 17, 2009

A little teaser from IMDB boards: "What a delightful film. From the opening screen, which offers a very funny disclaimer, it is clear that 500 Days of Summer dares to be different. And as the opening sequence clearly states, it is not a love story. Except that's only a technicality. It really is. Sort of."

Monday, April 13, 2009


My FLICKR is updated with fun Easter photos. The next generation of my family can never be classified as shy!! Love these ...

See more Easter pics HERE!


Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.
-- Mother Teresa

A little Monday morning perspective ...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Speaking of cupcakes

There are some pretty adorable options when it comes to dressing your cupcakes these days. Not only can you decorate the top with icing, sprinkles and so on ... even the cupcake cups are stepping up their game. I am obviously in the mood for baking some sweets!

Rainbow Cake

First, I should admit that I have an unhealthy (mentally & for the ole' waistline) love for cakes! I love them in their most traditional & simplistic forms of course, but think it's great when you can give them a little funky flair. I came across this how-to for a beautiful rainbow cake on Now, even though I love cakes and love to try and bake them, my baking skills are not as vast as I would like. Lucky for me, and all the other domestically challenged ladies out there, Ms. Meadowlark takes this fun creation one step at a time with helpful photos & quick tips. Her FAQ section is hilarious ... very witty for a food blogger!

Due to the exciting springtime colors contained in the delectable dessert, I feel like I (or anyone) should make one for Easter for all to enjoy. I'm also left wondering how painfully irresistible these would be as mini-cupcakes!! We'll see.

Screen on the Green 2009

Screen on the Green is back for another exciting summer at Centennial Olympic Park. Check out this summers' lineup & mark your calendars now!

The June 25 Screen on the Green is VIEWER'S CHOICE.
You can vote as many times as you want between now and May 8. Just click the vote button to cast your vote for ...
1: Ghostbusters
2: The Princess Bride
3: Big

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have recently discovered that I love pears. Not only are they surprisingly delicious (some of you know I have some weird texture issues with food and haven't fully embrace the pear due to their graininess until recently, but believe me that is a whole different topic for another time!) but they have such a lovely shape. Most fruits are fairly architectural in design, but some of the textiles and home accessories that are inspired by these beautiful delights are just amazing. Just a couple cuties I have seen lately:

Recycled Glass Pear Shaped Terrarium from Viva Terra Eco Accents
(Plus, I am pretty sure I could keep the air plants shown here alive!!)

An adorable pear earrings on Etsy from polishedtwo.

Let me know if you spot any pear goodies when you are out & about!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

as i sit here and think about how old i am now ... this made me remember being a kid!!