Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whiteboard Paint ... oh, believe it ...

WHAT?!?! I love this. WHITEBOARD PAINT by Idea Paint. This apparently is not a new product, but I am just stumbling across it. I actually can't even find words at this moment to express my excitement about this brilliance in a can. If/when children should ever enter my life I feel as though much wall space must be dedicated to this product in order to allow maximum freedom of artistic expression sans the mess and hassle of repainting!! So exciting. 
I do feel like I should mention Rust-oleum makes a similar product but I would rather support Idea Paint.  


Alison said...

Oh my gosh!! I have no idea how I was unaware of this product! I want to buy it right now.

lisa steve said...

I know this is quality based blogs along with other stuff. ReMARKable white board