Friday, December 2, 2011

Insta-Friday {7} {8} {9}

yeah. i'm a bit backed up on the posts here. i LOVE the insta-friday posts though. so {lucky you} this friday you get THREE weeks worth of instagram pics to enjoy. believe it or not ... i had to narrow down the available photos for this post. it's official,  i might need an instagram addict support group. just sayin'. happy friday all!!

{i met one group of super funny ladies to watch the midnight showing of twilight: breaking dawn. kristina made these priceless wolf and vampire cupcakes for the occasion. i met another group of  fabulous ladies to attend the Indie Craft Experience & delicious brunch. i love my girls!!}

{i finished sing you home by jodi picoult. a beautiful, well written story with a great ending. i've been checking out recipes in the juice book. i've only had the nerve to try a few. i am a juicing joke. i started and FINISHED the hunger games triology. the movie comes out in march 2012 ... who's going with me? of course, my trusty reading/cuddling buddy reese. he's the best.}

{work, work, work = lots of Trendy Toolbox orders done & we finished our garage!!}

{post thanksgiving. reese is such a quitter. i would say i have been running lately, but that would be an egregious exaggeration of what i do. for the record i think i could safely call it walking briskly.} 

{UGA vs. GA Tech game. i love this campus.}

 {quite possibly the two most hilarious gifts. the marketing/packaging is too much.}

{we picked out my first live christmas tree at farmer john's. and because we could & they are delicious, we bought some of his boiled peanuts too. the dogs giving final ornament approval.}

Friday, November 11, 2011

Insta-Friday {6}

{i enjoyed a fun girls night & then brunch with my hubby at Chicken and the Egg in Marietta.}

{lots of banking this week. work and personal. getting close to reaching my 2011 financial goal!!}

{i found this amazing city scape cake in a magazine. gorge right?! i want this rug in XXXL.}

{we have the BIGGEST acorns in our yard. our dogs think they are treats. it's pretty ridiculous.}

{colorful trees and 70 degrees. i'm so thankful for the amazing fall we've had so far.}

{i felt like poo most of this week. i hate colds and this one is hanging on strong. i'm over it. even homemade soup in the complimentary bowl didn't help. sad day.}

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

100 Instagrams.

obsessed much? i love instagram. i can't help it. i mean what's NOT to love? i hit 100 photos on my instagram feed and i got irrationally excited about that fact. here are the tiny thumbnails of my first 100 instagrams. my username is mrsboatman. look me up & enjoy your own insta-gramming. 


Friday, November 4, 2011

Insta-Friday {5}

{my favorite spinach tortollini @ provino's with my hubby. brunch at midway with my cousins} 

 {taking part in the 2011 making strides against breast cancer walk with my granny}

{the pups who run our life. they are pretty stinking cute}