Wednesday, February 29, 2012


it's February 29, 2012 ... LEAP DAY!!
once every four years we get to celebrate this "extra day". i can't think of anyone who doesn't feel like they could use more time. i know i have longed for just a few more hours in the day, especially lately. i'm going to do my best to make good use of these extra hours. what will you do with yours?

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when tomorrow rolls around, i will be staring at a calendar with March 1st marked with a big, goofy, red heart. it is my wedding anniversary!! my last post was a total love-fest for my sweet husband {i'll spare you two in a row}. as march begins and another year of our married life is recorded ... i feel the need to let myself just LEAP. the boatmans have a lot of exciting things happening in our life right now. some of which we have control over, but most of which we don't. 2012 has been a series of life lessons in the art of leaping out on faith. i'm a control person. leaping into any kind of undefined, uncontrollable, ever-evolving, situation typically doesn't sit well with my soul. i'm trying though. i've been letting myself creep closer and closer to edge of things ... but now i leap. whole-heartedly. passionately. i am not giving into my fears. i am not giving into my anxiety. i am striving to just enjoy the ride. i am leaping {in faith}. knowing that my husband, my partner, my best friend is right beside me makes the "falling" a little more bearable. i know whenever and wherever we land from this leap, we will have each other. when it is all said and done, that is what truly matters most to me.

happy anniversary boo.
happy leap day everyone.   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


me & the hubs are sticklers about NOT celebrating this particular holiday. i've never been a super romantic girl and compulsory lovey-dovey-ness on one single scheduled day of the year just doesn't make the cut in my book. i'm a big advocate of the showing each other the love in some small way, every day philosophy. for example, my dear sweet husband has been slaving away for the past few nights after work on a stunningly beautiful new desktop for my {currently under construction} home office. the fact that he comes home after a long day at the office and spends hours of his free time doing something ultra-sweet for me SCREAMS love more than any card or box of candy ever could. i can always "hear" actions more clearly than words.  i am one lucky lady to have snagged such a smart, sweet, funny, genuine, handsome, caring, generous, loving man. he is my best friend. i love him today & every single day. he really is the best. thanks for making all of our days together special. xoxo


Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 ... so far.

2012 is in full swing and my little blog is way behind. what can i say, i was so wrapped up in participating in the new year that i didn't make time to blog about anything. oh well. i hope each of you have had a beautiful start to the new year!!

as for the boatmans, we are doing our best to take it one day at a time and soak it ALL in. as 2011 came to a close, we took a step back and reflected on the events of the year. it was truly a roller coaster year for us. the highs were wonderfully high and the lows were tragically low. i can say without hesitation that we were blessed beyond measure in so many areas of our life. as painful as the periods of loss and disappointment were, they served us well. we kept our hearts open, our minds clear and let each one helped us to grow as individuals and as a couple. they forced us take stock of the things we thought were important and reevaluate many of our priorities. i am grateful for the good times, but i am profoundly thankful for the difficult times. our hope is to take the lessons that 2011 taught into this new year and beyond. 

2012 has been busy already, but we are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead!! 

{we rang in the new year and celebrated scott's birthday in las vegas}

 {our pups still rule the roost over here and piper has settled in nicely}

{our littlest peep charlie is getting so big & we just love her to bits!}

{we are always busy sewing, sanding, stripping, building or painting something}

{more alterations to our humble home - carpet, paint, organization}

{picking out paint colors is a regular occurrence. i've putting my knitting/crocheting skills to work on a baby blanket for some dear friends -- HUGE Florida fans.}

{lots of regular work & fitting in time for some gym work}

{this winter/spring/winter back & forth is pure madness, but sometimes we get to build a great fire to snuggle up next to ... so i'm not complaining too much}

{i gave our blog a little facelift for the new year}