Wednesday, February 29, 2012


it's February 29, 2012 ... LEAP DAY!!
once every four years we get to celebrate this "extra day". i can't think of anyone who doesn't feel like they could use more time. i know i have longed for just a few more hours in the day, especially lately. i'm going to do my best to make good use of these extra hours. what will you do with yours?

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when tomorrow rolls around, i will be staring at a calendar with March 1st marked with a big, goofy, red heart. it is my wedding anniversary!! my last post was a total love-fest for my sweet husband {i'll spare you two in a row}. as march begins and another year of our married life is recorded ... i feel the need to let myself just LEAP. the boatmans have a lot of exciting things happening in our life right now. some of which we have control over, but most of which we don't. 2012 has been a series of life lessons in the art of leaping out on faith. i'm a control person. leaping into any kind of undefined, uncontrollable, ever-evolving, situation typically doesn't sit well with my soul. i'm trying though. i've been letting myself creep closer and closer to edge of things ... but now i leap. whole-heartedly. passionately. i am not giving into my fears. i am not giving into my anxiety. i am striving to just enjoy the ride. i am leaping {in faith}. knowing that my husband, my partner, my best friend is right beside me makes the "falling" a little more bearable. i know whenever and wherever we land from this leap, we will have each other. when it is all said and done, that is what truly matters most to me.

happy anniversary boo.
happy leap day everyone.   

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