Tuesday, February 14, 2012


me & the hubs are sticklers about NOT celebrating this particular holiday. i've never been a super romantic girl and compulsory lovey-dovey-ness on one single scheduled day of the year just doesn't make the cut in my book. i'm a big advocate of the showing each other the love in some small way, every day philosophy. for example, my dear sweet husband has been slaving away for the past few nights after work on a stunningly beautiful new desktop for my {currently under construction} home office. the fact that he comes home after a long day at the office and spends hours of his free time doing something ultra-sweet for me SCREAMS love more than any card or box of candy ever could. i can always "hear" actions more clearly than words.  i am one lucky lady to have snagged such a smart, sweet, funny, genuine, handsome, caring, generous, loving man. he is my best friend. i love him today & every single day. he really is the best. thanks for making all of our days together special. xoxo


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