Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boatman Post-Op Patient Care

So the Boatman House has been rehabilitation central for the past couple of days. Scott's ACL/Meniscus surgery went really well. The doctors got in there and fixed him right up. Unfortunately, that just began the healing process which will be long and grueling for him. My job as nurse-maid is to manage his pain, keep him fed & hydrated and take care of ... well, whatever needs to be taken care of.

Yesterday was less than productive because his pain was virtually unmanageable. It was mostly watching Scott sleep and administering the proper meds. Not fun. Mom did drop by which made my day. She came bearing gifts of deliciously sweet homemade brownies and Taco Bake. She kept me company for a few hours which was great too.

Today, on the other hand was a whole different ball game. Productivity out the whazoo. Breakfast (which is an anomaly in our house) consisted of streusel muffins, sliced apples and coffee. For the record, the first pot I have ever made in our house. I don't drink it, but Scott LOVES it. I don't know about you but blueberry muffins make me feel so much better!!!

Scott let me give him a shave since he hasn't had one since wednesday and was scratchy. It was sweet. Plus, I am awesome at it. 

After a pop-in visit by the in-laws + gram boatman, I cleaned around the house and finished loads and loads and loads of laundry. It is truly inconceivable how much laundry two people can create. Geez.

Scott's job - rest, ice, watch football, ask for snacks (so sweetly I could never deny him), answer text messages from caring friends & family and "exercise" on the CPM machine. Looks like a torture device right? He says it isn't too bad and I guess I will take his word for it, but it looks awful to me. 

On a totally unrelated note ... the MAC is sick. She is having serious trackball issues and her battery EXPLODED!! Did you even know it could do that? I didn't. Believe me, it came as an unwelcome surprise. I have to get a new one, but after checking around on the interwebs it looks to be a little more pricey than I would have hoped. It must be done however. I mean I have priorities people, come on!! On the upside - this gives me the excuse I have been looking forward to go visit the new Peach Mac store that opened in the West Cobb Avenues. I am deeply concerned for my bank account.