Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Universal Wishlist ... how simple!

I love online shopping. I know many people who loather the experience, but in my book it's just GREAT! I just discovered that Amazon offers something called a Universal Wishlist. Amazing. I'm sure this isn't breaking news, but it was to me. It is like they read my mind. They have always offered the ability to do multiple wishlist within the Amazon site, but with the Universal Wishlist ... you can shop anywhere online and then with a simple click of a button, add items to your list. Again I say, amazing. Anywhere people!! That is just madness. We're talking all those sweet little finds on ETSY, Zappos, ebags, Anthro - ANY ONLINE SHOP - and it links right up. It provides the item name, shop, cost, and quantity automatically and even leaves you a box to put special notes in. Just stop, I can't take any more.

Certainly a perfect solution for those times when someone asks you what you would like for your birthday/graduation/bar mitzvha/christmas/whatever and you draw a total blank. You can make your list public and give out the link (um, hello super easy and convenient). You can also choose to keep it private and just use it as a reminder for yourself. Then, if you have a little bit of fun-money, you can come back to your list and buy that thing you were drooling over a few months ago. I am really excited about this. I feel this tool adding simplicity to my life already. For that I say ... thank you Amazon.com.

Happy shopping or should I say "wishlist-ing" peeps!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yard Sale DONE!!!

I can't believe it actually happened. After months, no-YEARS of procrastination about actually having a yard sale it is finally over. Remember this sad post back in February where I was so happy to have made "head-way" on the yard sale prep? Fast forward five months and we have successfully completed two full days of pure unadulterated purging bliss!!! It was so worth it. We made great money, we helped a lot of people who really needed it, we donated to some charities that we wouldn't have otherwise known about and we took the rest to Goodwill where each item will hopefully find a good home. It was as perfect as a yard sale could be.

It will go down in the Boatman history books as BIGGEST YARD SALE ever. That's because we will never be having one that massive again. Madness I tell you. I couldn't have done it without my mom, my hubby and a sweet friend Katie that rushed in to lend a hand on Friday morning. Thank You!!

I feel an unbelievable sense of relief having that literal load off my back. I can't wait to continue the progress and do some more household purging/organizing/cleansing. Life feels better when you simplify & organize. Goal: Stay that way!!