Friday, April 10, 2009

Rainbow Cake

First, I should admit that I have an unhealthy (mentally & for the ole' waistline) love for cakes! I love them in their most traditional & simplistic forms of course, but think it's great when you can give them a little funky flair. I came across this how-to for a beautiful rainbow cake on Now, even though I love cakes and love to try and bake them, my baking skills are not as vast as I would like. Lucky for me, and all the other domestically challenged ladies out there, Ms. Meadowlark takes this fun creation one step at a time with helpful photos & quick tips. Her FAQ section is hilarious ... very witty for a food blogger!

Due to the exciting springtime colors contained in the delectable dessert, I feel like I (or anyone) should make one for Easter for all to enjoy. I'm also left wondering how painfully irresistible these would be as mini-cupcakes!! We'll see.

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