Tuesday, April 14, 2009

IKEA Summer

The IKEA 2009 summer catalog is here! So many wonderful things to choose from, how's a girl to decide. As always they offer some beautiful "inspiration" rooms.

If I can find a place in my yard to put one, I am getting a hammock. Every summer I pretend like I am going to put one up and then ... I don't. I feel like this might be the year. Two economical choices:

-- DYNING Hammock in 4 colors = $29.99 --

-- GRENĂ– Hammock in 3 colors = $49.99 --

Speaking of economical ... how about a little help with that electric bill? IKEA has several different solar lighting options. These two ground lighting choices, as well as many lantern style options.

-- SOLIG Solar cell lighting = $6.99 --
(too cute the look like little glowing mushrooms!)

-- SOLIG Solar Cell Post Lights = $9.99 --

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