Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have recently discovered that I love pears. Not only are they surprisingly delicious (some of you know I have some weird texture issues with food and haven't fully embrace the pear due to their graininess until recently, but believe me that is a whole different topic for another time!) but they have such a lovely shape. Most fruits are fairly architectural in design, but some of the textiles and home accessories that are inspired by these beautiful delights are just amazing. Just a couple cuties I have seen lately:

Recycled Glass Pear Shaped Terrarium from Viva Terra Eco Accents
(Plus, I am pretty sure I could keep the air plants shown here alive!!)

An adorable pear earrings on Etsy from polishedtwo.

Let me know if you spot any pear goodies when you are out & about!

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