Monday, October 24, 2011

{nerd alert} have you heard of Wunderkit??

i am so excited about this new product launch from 6wunderkinder. i am one of the staggering 1.3 million users of wunderlist  and i adore it.  the app is so simple and efficient. did i mention it was FREE?! if you don't have it you should download it asap. it is free for every device, use it as a web app, or download it directly to your desktop. so many options for streamlining your task management. the design elements are incredibly detailed and gorgeous. it makes looking at this app as pleasant as actually using it. it truly appeals to all levels of my nerd-iness!! i can't help myself. beautiful design and effective organization ... it's my dream COMBO of goodness. 

as if i wasn't already smitten, along comes the wunderkit ... it is going to have even more great stuff if you can believe that. tasks, sub-tasks, notes, workspaces, collaboration, dashboards, the list goes on and on. this thing looks like it is going to be a godsend for entrepreneurs and for those of us who always seem to be juggling a million "to-do" items for multiple audiences. it is so tough to keep obligations separate and on track at the same time. if you are as excited as i am, go to and sign-up for the beta version waiting list. you can also check out updates and news on the 6wunderkinder blog.

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