Friday, October 21, 2011

Insta-Friday {3}

another busy, but exciting week. our family changed this week. we added a new little lady named piper to the boatman crew. we've been a little obsessed with our dogs this week just trying to get them used to each other. our schedule pretty much revolved around making them happy. such as life. well, our life anyway. happy friday everyone & i hope you get a chance to do something extra fun this weekend!! 
{making piper feel at home. hooking her up with some new doggie bling. not really. just an id tag.}

{letting reese know we haven't lost any love for the eldest child. that earned him some quality couch snuggles, which is rare. he didn't hate it. we didn't either.}

{synchronized bone chewing. it's a thing. you didn't know?}

{reese is still waiting for her to leave. it's been almost a full week. will he figure it out?}

 {two of my favorite eateries. the square bagel & firehouse subs. that last one is a secret, so why don't we all just keep that in the dl ok. thanks.}

 {working on more trendy toolbox orders. are you sensing a life theme people? i know i am.}
{that is my baby niece. chillin'. i stole this pic from her mommy. i need to cuddle her ASAP.}

 {we are hoping the become great buds. they're getting there.}

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