Thursday, October 20, 2011

meet piper.

hello. this is piper. she is the newest member of our little family. we rescued her last week from the cobb county humane society. she was found wondering around with a buddy, but no one ever showed up to claim her. piper is black lab, she is almost 1, she has the softest coat {perfect for lots of petting by me} & she already thinks our boy reese is the best big brother ever. we are so happy to be able to give her a safe new home. please consider adopting/rescuing your next pet. these little bundles of unconditional love need good homes. it was heartbreaking to see just how many dogs were available at this one shelter. i wanted to take them all home with me. piper has quickly acclimated to our crazy schedule/life and melted our hearts in the process. we just love her to bits. 

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