Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Doodle 4 Google - VOTE NOW

Doodle 4 Google is a competition where Google invites K-12 students to play around with our homepage logo and see what new designs they come up with. This year we're inviting U.S. kids to join in the doodling fun, around the intriguing theme "What I Wish for the World." Both our country and the world are undergoing significant change. Google believes in thinking big, and dreaming big, and can't think of anything more important than encouraging students to do the same.
CLICK HERE to vote for one "Google Doodle" per category.
My picks:
Grades K-3 : Jackie Tian - I wish we would stop taking away wild animal's homes. Without their homes, they will soon die out and there won't be anymore animals. Our animal friends are gifts from Mother Nature, so let us protect them and let them continue to live on our wonderful earth.

Grades 4-6: Ben Boehm - My doodle expresses the idea of going environmentally friendly to help save our planet. People on earth have been using polluting technology and are wasting our earth's resources. In my doodle, I show that we can use hydro power, pedal power, alternative fuels with bio-mass, wind power, and solar power.
Grades 7-9: Blakely Linz - What I wish for the world is that people would slow down to see all the beauties of life of the earth around us. So many people rush on with their lives never stopping to say hello to a lady bug who's watching the world spin by.

Grades 10-12: Meaghan Parker - I wish for more hope, hope for the future. I wish there was more love. Love for the environment and people. I wish for more joy. I wish for peace, a movement for it. I wish for more trees. I wish for gay rights, now.

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