Saturday, February 28, 2009

Anniversary Gift!!

Our anniversary gift to ourselves was an amazing sound machine. We have wanted one for awhile now and we finally got one! This is very exciting news because Scott can't sleep without some sort of noise and I don't sleep very well on a normal night. We decided it was a win-win gift idea. It's only been two nights and we are hooked. So far it is a tie between "white noise" and "thunderstorm" for favorite setting. The "summer nights" setting is out for sure ... too many strange animal noises, it sent our poor dog into a frenzy.

We opted for this model because it was by far the most value for the money. It has a power cable, backup lithium battery and you can add 4 AA batteries. It is ultra light weight and perfect for travel ... even has a super cute case. It has a home and away setting for both the clock and alarm. Best of all to make it truly the compact version of the 18 setting sound machine (that only does the sounds btw), they chose the top 8 sounds from the sleep and relax settings on the original and made them standard on this one. Needless to say I am confident this will aid in both of our sleep woes.

FYI: Apparently the only way to purchase one of these is online or in Brookstone. Who knew these little babies were so tough to find?

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thedunns said...

I totally understand how you feel about the sound machine :) We sleep with ours just about every night (it's one of our favorite wedding gifts!) The thunderstorm is my favorite!