Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sharpie LOVE

Anyone who knows me ... I mean really knows me ... is keenly and hilariously aware that I have an unnatural love for all things that fall into the "office product/school supply" category. This includes things like binders, post-its, clips, markers, tabbed organizers, datebooks, dry erase boards, push pins and ESPECIALLY pens. My latest addiction is the Sharpie Pen. Oh you haven't tried it? Shame on you. It is amazing. Fine tip. Four great colors. Does NOT bleed through regular paper. Seriously. Try it.

While perusing the Sharpie website today, I discovered these two little treasures.
1: You can personalize your own Sharpie with two lines of text and clip art. HELLO?!?! How have I never heard of this? Ridiculous.

2: There is a stainless steel Sharpie Marker. BLING!!


homemade grits said...

i share this obsession and I'm loving the personalized sharpie!

Christy said...

Ladies, I own the Sharpie Pens and they are AMAZING!!! The best thing ever. I can't wait until they come in fun colors.

Alison said...

i cannot wait to get my hands on some of those pens!!!