Friday, September 26, 2008

Shoes. Again.

Ok. I can admit it.

My name is Ashley and I am obsessed with shoes.

It's true. I have maintained my sanity and not gone on any sort of buying binge but it has been excruciating. There are so many cute shoes out right now!! I have also wasted way too much valuable time searching pumps, boots, flats, flops, wedges, shooties (oh look that one up!!) and more online. Piperlime is not an addiction that I am proud of, but it seems to have its hold on me. instead of fighting my addiction, I have decided to just get others to join me. I know, terribly unproductive and regrettable. Sorry. If you haven't heard of Piperlime, you should check it out. "The first one's free". Not really, I'm teasing. I was just feeling like a complete shoe pusher, so I thought i would throw that one in there. It is a great site. Lots of discounts sent to your email if you sign up and they do FREE shipping with your purchase. If you don't like your selected shoes, you can ship them back for FREE too. I have ordered from them twice and would highly recommend them.

Here's to more shoe shopping ... CHEERS!

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