Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sometimes working in corporate America is just too much for me to handle. There are some great parts for sure, but an overall tally of pros vs. cons tips the scale heavily in the con direction. I know the parts about it the irk me are never going to change, however i sometimes find me hope of such a joyous day getting CRUSHED under the heels of management (that is a four-letter word right?). Suffice it to say - some days and weeks just seem longer than others. This one qualifies. As a personal pick-me-up a wandered over to the somecards site and found this precious classic. They never cease to hit where it hurts the most ... and make you laugh about it.
Special shout out to the ecards folks for your quick wit and ridiculous illustrations.

Hope your day is pleasant.

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homemade grits said...

that card made me laugh outloud! so glad we got to see you yesterday!!