Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Even as excited as she was to leave...I still miss her tremendously. When I think back on what has happened in just the past year I am amazed. Life changes so quickly. For some reason it hit me today, we had already endured years passing between us. We grew, we changed, we were different people when our paths finally crossed again. Somehow though, the friendship that had once sewn us so close together was still there just waiting to be fostered again. I will miss her so much. I feel it deeply even in the short time she has been gone.

So here's a post in honor of my friend. Wishing her safety & excitement in her new adventure. Hoping that when she returns all the changes we have both made will have only made us stronger, better & wiser. Cheers to you Jennifer.

You can check out her blog about Guatemala here!

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Susko said...

wow. how thoughtful. i am so glad our paths crossed again. i´m lucky to have a friend like you. i miss you too. so homesick! but posts like these help a ton. seriously, thanks. can´t wait to visit in january! can we have bubba burgers on the grill??