Tuesday, September 14, 2010

TV Bliss {AKA the 2010 Fall Television Lineup}

I am a TV junkie. I wouldn't dream of pretending not to be. Ok, it is a little embarrassing sometimes when people are talking about shows they watched and I have seen the ALL, but oh well. I don't always get to watch them when they are on TV but I have managed to stay caught up on some of my faves using the ole' interwebs. I have contemplated getting DVR capabilities in my house but I could sincerely see my life spiraling out of control if that was an option!! Ok, maybe it wouldn't be that serious of a situation, but I would be bad. Trust me on this. I'm out of control. Geez.

So here's a little run down of shows I already love, I'm looking forward to and I wish I could watch. Don't judge me. I know I have a problem. I will get help when I am ready ok people?!?! Moving On.

I have to give them credit ... FOX is bringing it again this year. So many great shows. Someone on the FOX show scouting staff needs a mega-raise for locking down all these amazing shows for one network in the same season. SO EXCITING!!

NBC doesn't have a great lineup in my opinion, but it is home to two of my MOST favorite shows (Parenthood & The Biggest Loser)! 


ABC is holding on to shows I already love (Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, Cougar Town & of course, Modern Family). They are also premiering 2 that I am looking forward to checking out this season (Mr. Sunshine & Secret Millionaire). 

CBS has disappointed me in the past, but I am optimistic for the Fall lineup. 

I don't even know what to say about these two networks. I don't have premium cable. If HBO and Showtime were available to me on a regular basis I could see my life spiraling out of control!! Ok, maybe it wouldn't be that serious of a situation, but I would be bad. Trust me on this. 
True Blood and Big Love. From a world where Vampires walk among us in True Blood to a tale of modern day polygamy in Big Love. How do you love them both?! I don't know. It just works.

Showtime brings to the table Weeds, The Big C, The United States of Tara & The Tudors. Delicious. 

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ahibs said...

All I'm gonna say is... I should NOT have read this. There is not even enough time in the day!