Friday, September 3, 2010

Free MP3 Download

As I often do, I grew bored listening to my usual satellite radio stations yesterday so I started flipping around. I stumbled on to this cover of the U2 great "With or Without You".  My gut reaction was who would dare touch this song?! In true nerd fashion ... I hopped on my computer and tried to figure out who this mystery woman was. Her name is Sarah Darling. Looks like she has been trying to break out in the country scene. Such a cutie pie, right?

I listened to a few of her other songs on her website. I'm not entirely sold on her as an artist I would listen to all the time, but there is something I really enjoy about the was she covered this particular song. It sort of has a Jewel vibe going on. I LOVE the original, but the two versions are so different I genuinely enjoy them both. currently has a free MP3 download of her version if you are interested. 

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