Monday, March 29, 2010

Brunch, Books & Birthday Cake!!

I had a packed Sunday, but I loved it.

Brunch @ West Egg Cafe. They moved to a new location on Howell Mill that is delightful. Full of light, simple decor and an easy atmosphere to enjoy your meal in. It was packed on a Sunday morning ... be prepared to wait, but is totally worth it. The graphics nerd in me LOVED the menu layout. The menu options were such a fun twist on typical breakfast & brunch fare. I got the Peachtree Plate and it was scrumptious! I never thought I would enjoy pimento cheese grits ... but oh baby was easily converted. YUM! I was too full to get one but I hear the cupcakes are wonderful. They have a Coca-Cola flavored cupcake - I'm just sayin'.

Chelsea Handler book signing at Outwrite. Katy and I pre-ordered her latest book, Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, from there on a whim. As it would happen that got us the number 5 & 6 positions in line for the book signing. Thank goodness because the line was wrapped around the building. She had two sold-out shows at the FOX later the same day so the whole experienced was a little rushed. I did get my book signed and that was my main goal. Be warned - the book is true Chelsea style. It is packed with raunchy, racy, no-limits tales about everything from her wild childhood to her interesting family life.

Compulsory combo birthday celebration with the mother-in-law. Our birthdays are just a few days apart and to save everyone the trouble of squeezing in back-to-back celebrations we combine ours. This year my sweet mom made us each a cake to enjoy. Mine was a tasty chocolate cake with vanilla icing and super fancy decorations. Carol's was a white cake, raspberry filling and cream cheese icing. Slices of heaven for everyone!!


Christy said...

Fun times! I'm glad we got to hang out! More fun this weekend, hopefully...

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!