Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shout Out!!

There is a little part of us all that dreams of being famous some day. Oh, wait. Is that just me? Ok then. Well, even though I'm not famous myself, I do happen to have the great pleasure of knowing a D.I.Y. starlet in her own right. My friend Mrs. Christy Petterson of a bardis designs has been on the hip indie craft scene for years. She is an artist, crafter, DIY extraordinaire and organizer of the Indie Craft Experience (ICE), a showcase event and market for independent artists and crafters, that takes place twice a year. She has also recently been featured in the Indie Craft Documentary: Handmade Nation and the accompanying book. This is a fun look inside the world of indie artists who are very passionate about what they do. Check out some clips and more info about Handmade Nation on their blog.

HUGE congratulations Christy on being "kind of a big deal"!! I am so excited for you. One day we can say we knew you when ...

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Alison said...

Let me know when the next ICE is- I really wanna go again!