Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best of Atlanta '08

Creative Loafing just released their list of the 300+ "Best of Atlanta" list!! It covers a little bit of everything. Restaurants, attractions, activities, artists ... a smattering of who/what people like and like to do here in the ATL. There are reader's picks and critic's picks for almost every category. It's interesting to see how they vary on some things. The city scape list has some pretty humorous tidbits like Best New Place to Carry a Concealed Weapon: Restaurants that serve alcohol, Best Public Institution to Cheat Death: Grady Memorial Hospital, Best Local YouTube Video: MARTA Soulja Girl and Best Unwelcome Tourist: Tornadoes. I realize the "Best Unwelcome" is sort of an oxymoron, but consider the source. The Oral Pleasures (aka: things to eat) list is exciting. I saw so many places I am need to try now. Anyone want to grab a bite to eat soon?
Many of my favorites made the list in different categories! A special congrats to the ole' workplace for the reader's pick = Best Place to Hear Music for Free: Centennial Olympic Park.

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Christy said...

Our favorite Ink Spot also go a nod for best Art opening!