Friday, June 13, 2008

My family ... extended & otherwise.

My family is ever growing and ever changing it seems. Don't get me wrong, so much of the way my family is remains consistent as the years go by, but they always find ways to amaze me. Sometimes I am comforted by how outright generous and loving they can be. Sometimes their selfishness can be completely heartbreaking. It varies on the day these days. Truthfully, it always has, it just seems blatantly obvious to me these days. Like a spotlight is being shined on it all.

Each of them is so unique, it is hard to believe we are all bound to the same strange lot. Some have grown and evolved into genuinely amazing individuals. Some of continue to slip further away and lose touch with those we once held so dear. When new members join, it seems like the windows of possibility open and change is swept in on the breeze.

It's that time again. In my eyes anyway. Even if they are only family on a technicality, I'll take it. Tony & Ashley are getting married on Saturday. He has been in my life for so long, it would seem odd to me now thinking about us not being connected in some way. Christy (his sister) and Erik (my brother) have been married for two years. They are one of the most inspirational couples I know. They are so right for each other. I guess I have claimed Tony and Becky as my other default siblings-in-law. I adore each of them. I probably don't tell them enough how great I think they are. I'm rambling now, but suffice it to say ... he is family to me and I am so happy for him. Our lives have both twisted and turned and our fates have not paned out like we once thought they would ... but like I always say, with a little time & perspective it all seems to be working out.

As one joins, others leave. I consider my dear friends the family I have picked instead of the ones I was given. Travis & Heather are leaving. They announced today that Heather would be taking a job at the YMCA in Indianapolis. She is very excited and professionally this is a dream job ... but they are going to be very missed. I haven't known them to long, but have grown to love them each dearly. It is such a happy/sad bitter/sweet weekend.

That's the way my life usually plays out though. I can never have the sugar without the salt. I'll take it however it comes though, because the good times are something I wouldn't trade for the world. Cheers to my ever growing, ever changing family. I hope they keep me laughing for a long time.

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