Friday, March 7, 2008

Little by little ...

Lucky for us there aren't too many things we have to adjust to now that we are "married". Things are pretty much the same. Our life, our house and my filing systems for everything are in total disarray, but other than that things are good. Little by little we are getting things back to some sort of normal routine. I finished out the week at work. It was one of those short/long weeks. Did you ever have one of those? Few days but way more than enough work to keep you busy. Well that pretty much sums it up for me.

It was nice being able to take off so i could focus on the wedding. To have some time to just not worry about what time I got to bed even if it was the wee hours of the morning or how late I slept in before starting on projects for the day. Reality was waiting. Impatiently.

So we're both back to it. Life as usual. Married now but overall the same routine. If you're looking for us, we're usually at work or dragging into the house. We certainly aren't the party animals or night owls we (well I) used to be, but life is good. Very good.

The pictures from the wedding are starting to roll in little by little as well. Friends and family that shared it with us are sending me a snapshot at a time. This is one of those times that you feel yourself rushing for the computer when you get home. You can feel the almost childlike excitement to type your password and hope (with fingers crossed, of course) that there are hundreds of emails awaiting you. I don't think we'll hit the hundreds threshold but it certainly is a joy to be greeted with pictures of our special day. I equate it to wading through junkmail to find that fun card someone sent you ... just because they were thinking of you.

So this is me, thinking of you. Here are a couple -tide-you-over photos from my friends. Enjoy!


Holly said...

It's so much fun to be with your best friend! There's always a new adventure waiting to be explored. We're still exploring after 34 years!!
I am so glad you two are now one.
I wish for you guys nothing but pure happiness and love. You both deserve the best!
Love to you both,

Mom said...

I hope you get this messsage. I love you both and are so happy for you. The two of you have so many wonderful and excited things to look forward too. Just always remember to enjoy one another. Don't worry about small things that don't matter at the end of the day. Never stop kissing or holding hands. Always be eachothers boyfriend and girlfriend I LOVE YOU,Mom.

Bradley said...

Hey, I'm considering having my wedding at the Trolley Barn. Would you mind telling me about your experience there with the noise restrictions? Did you have any issues? Thanks!