Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend '12

it was another fairly typical spring/summer weekend for the boatmans. a little home repair, a little DIY project, sprucing up he crib a bit and some quality time with our pups and family. we spent the entire easter sunday visiting both sides of our family. we are just blessed beyond measure when it comes to family. our families are so different in many ways, except in the ways that really count. they are so supportive, so loving, so generous and so FUNNY. my sides are still hurting from all the laughs we shared yesterday. it was a good day for the soul. laughter binds us together is a special way. laughing with {and at} each other is all part of being a real family in my book.
i loved this weekend, i hope you enjoyed yours too.

 {la parilla & ice cream date with my family ... look at the cutie pie!!}

 {tandem dog walking & enjoying a sweet summer cocktail with dinner}

 {DIY Ikea hack on a Poang chair and the hubs fixing our window screens}

{trying my hand at 3 mini succulent gardens ... i hope they survive, they're so cute!}

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