Friday, October 7, 2011

Insta-Friday {1}

life rearranged
i am fairly new to the land of instagram ... and i am totally hooked. i have only had an iphone for a few months, but i LOVE it. i've been an avid apple fan for years, but i've also been rockin' a verizon droid for awhile now. after the unfortunate demise of my droid incredible and the fact that iphone is now available at verizon i opted to make the switch. there are still some droid things i miss, but overall it has been an exciting transition. here's to my first insta-friday post!!

{new facebook profile in timeline & my mom's sock-stealing lab sleeping over at our place}

{i made those blocks for my sweet niece charlotte ann who graced us with her presence early.}

{two delicious dinners with my hubby. best bbq around & a business dinner in buckhead}

{swanky new freestyle coca-cola machine and a little lunchtime inspiration}

{reppin' the ATL. a little varsity "what'll ya have?" and coca-cola headquarters}

{pimp ride parked outside my work. working hard at my second job - Trendy Toolbox.}

{two views of downtown atlanta from bobby dodd stadium during a GA Tech football game.}

{first cool fall night to enjoy the fire pit with our buddies. also, beer pong was happening.}

{just cool enough to use my foot warmer under my desk. reese enjoying our open windows.}

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Skinny McGinny said...

Yay for InstaFridays! Welcome to the club :)