Friday, September 30, 2011

hello there baby.

my adorable little niece, charlotte ann, graced us with her presence on wednesday, september 28 at 3:38pm. she is absolute perfection. even though she decided to make her appearance about 17 days early, she was a very healthy 7 lbs, 20.4 lbs. and is already rockin' a head full of super cute curly black hair. my brother & his wife are the picture of calm, especially for first time parents. she literally didn't even break a sweat. i mean, childbirth is a piece of cake right?!

i feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to snuggle her just a few hours after she was born. she's so tiny and she makes the funniest little faces. i am looking forward to a lifetime of memories & milestones with her. congratulations on your precious new addition!! she is going to be one cool little lady with parents like you.

did i mention that charlie is my Granny's 10th GREAT-GRANDCHILD! that is simply unbelievable to me. what else can i say? babies are just an absolute miracle. especially when they are perfect. i am a very proud sister & aunt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLOTTE!! 


homemade grits said...

aw you're such a proud aunt! what a tender, sweet post. she is so sweet. we're so excited for all of you! hope to see you soon...have a feeling i will!

ahibs said...

love the name. what a cutie!