Friday, May 20, 2011

Feeling Challenged & Inspired

I heard rumblings about how incredible the latest series of messages going on at North Point Christian Church were and it made me remember how much I deeply enjoyed the effortless way that Andy Stanley delivers his messages. So clear, thought provoking & entertaining. I visited NPCC several times in high school and college and LOVED it every time. It is so far away from where I live now, it would be ridiculous to try and make it there every week for services. Bring on the power of the inter-webs!! Many of his message series are posted online for free. I have been absorbed in them lately. I just stop watching them. The range of topics covered all seem to be so completely relevant to the things I am struggling/dealing with in my life lately. Each one seems to bring another revaluation to mind about how I could deal with situations differently or at least shift my thought process about what is happening around me. I've been calling it my free online therapy sessions.

I find it ironic and deeply encouraging that when you feel your soul searching for "something", even though you may not be able to find the words to describe it ... if you are truly open ... and you are willing to accept it in any form it appears in ... it will find its way to you. Answers you didn't even know you needed. Peace that you thought was unattainable. Gentle reminders that you possessed the answers all along, you just had to uncover how to tangibly apply them to your life.

Maybe you won't find anything that you are looking for here, but keep looking. The answers you want are out there. When you find them ... act on them, don't turn a blind eye.


andie said...

hey girl! you can also watch the 11:00 and 6:00 service live (you probably already knew that). I am lucky enough to live close enough to go every Sunday, but online is great and no traffic:). You get the music and message, which as you know, are both wonderful! I hope you are doing well!

Ashley Boatman said...

thanks andie ... i actually didn't know that!! you are awesome.