Thursday, March 24, 2011


not the kind you do to say "prepare" for a final exam. it is just the only verb i could conjure up to describe my life right now. i feel as though i cannot physically cram the information & experiences flying around me into my brain & my heart any faster. i have been reading at a blinding pace (especially when i forget to wear my spectacles). my brain is actually aching at the amount of new information it is taking in on a daily basis. i'm doing that thing that i have a love/hate relationship with right now too. i am reading about 4 different books at once. i love this because it only happens when there is so many things i want to read at once that i couldn't possibly choose what to pick first. i hate this because it is hard for me to focus like i should on the content of what i am reading. inevitably, this psychotic behavior only last a few weeks. i dabble around in all the books for a while and then the "tell" happens. before i know it one book makes it into my purse. that's the WINNER. if i feel like i must have it with me everywhere i go just in case i should find one spare second to squeeze in some reading ... it will definitely be finished first. right now the front runner is cold tangerines by my new favorite writer shauna niequist.

i have also been slaving away at a back breaking pace on my home with the hubby during every available daylight hour. we race home after work, change into the yard clothes and get to gettin'. on the weekends - forget it. we are in the yard from sun up to sun down. everything in my body hurts from this endeavor, but we are seeing real progress. most of the projects were things that have been floating on the to-do list for years. we finally just rolled up the sleeves and started chipping away - literally in some cases - at them. i have really enjoyed spending time outside working, but now that my nemesis pollen is arriving on the scene i am ready for a little indoor work.
*hopefully picture updates to follow soon from some of the projects. 

i've also been compelled to cram in some quality time with friends. it has been largely uneventful, but meaningful nights out by the fire, a few dinners and some hanging outside until the sun is long gone. i am holding onto and cultivating friendships with people that seem to have made their way into my life at exactly the right time. just when my life needed a few extra hugs and people sending good vibes my way.

even though it's been a season of cramming, with a full mind and an achy body, i have no doubt that i will look back on this time and be glad. for the things i have learned, the work i have done and the people i have loved.

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