Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome back ...

... to the the blog-o-sphere. I really love blogging, but wow am I terrible at keeping up with it. I mean it is pretty pitiful when months go by and I literally forget to update. Eh. My cross to bear I guess. Well, in an effort not to let my little blog die on the internet vine I am back for more. I'll try not to judge myself too harshly if I let it wither again. It is just one of those things I guess.

We had a great weekend.  The weather was simply perfect and thank goodness because I have a bad case of cabin fever. I actually do like the winter. Just in very brief spurts :) I have been so looking forward to getting outside & feeling the warm sunshine again. Saturday was my day. We ate a late lunch and headed for the Silver Comet Trail. Took a brisk 5 mile walk with the pup and soaked up all the vitamin D we could. There were so many people on bikes I left the trail totally inspired! I have never been much of a biker, but they all made it seem like so much fun. I've been thinking that the cycle cruiser I bought from a yard sale last year for a cool $30 might see a little more action in 2011. We'll see.

My little cousin Chase got baptized last week! We were all super excited for him. His sweet mom set up a dinner so we could all celebrate as an extended family. I am always amazed at what a super funny bunch we are. My stomach hurts every time we are together. I was reminded again that what I have with my family is pretty rare. I am certainly lucky in that department. Despite all of our flaws & quirks, we crack each other up. Thank goodness for life's simple gifts.

The day of fun ended at my brother's house. More fun stories and many more laughs were shared with them & their neighbors ... another super fun group. They are so lucky to live next to such cool people. They provided the most insane smores I have ever experienced for our snacking pleasure. The marshmallows were JUMBO and could not be contained by a single graham square. So huge in fact that they were almost flame retardent! It was quite impressive.

Sunday was a much simpler day, but just as enjoyable. Our little family hung out together all day and took in more of the sun shiny goodness.

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