Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you have an Etsy site and need business cards ... you should check THIS out!! If you are familiar MOO cards then you know they are wonderful. Crisp images, great card quality, unique styles & even fun accessories to hold your little works of art. The MiniCards are my favorite - so tiny and adorable I just can't resist.

Well, the good folks at MOO are now partnering with Etsy so you can pull your product photos directly from your shop and add them to your business cards. That way your shop & cards match perfectly.

Don't have an Etsy shop? The Readymade MiniCards also make great personal calling cards. You can even search them by theme or card designer. An easy way to distribute your contact information at a moments notice. It always helps to leave a unique reminder of yourself behind.
Brilliant I say. Anything to make life as a DIY-er easier is simply wonderful in my book. Happy MOO making people!

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