Monday, October 12, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 - Helen, GA

I have taken a bit of a blog hiatus lately. This is such a busy time of year that unfortunately my little blog seems to have taken a back-seat to more pressing matters on the to-do list. Scott & I work ourselves to death this time of year. Yes, more than usual :). We made a pact at the beginning of the year to try harder to enjoy some of the things that we kept putting aside because of work. More trips, more adventures ... more fun! We did that very thing this weekend and went up to Helen to enjoy Oktoberfest. A couple days off from work would have been nice enough, but top that off with cool mountain air, delicious wine, pumpkin picking, people watching, scrumptious fudge and all the lederhosen you can bear and that equals one perfect fall getaway weekend!

Georgia Wines, Inc. - everything we tried from this winery was good, but these two were delicious! I am not a wine person and not a fan of the red, but this was like nothing I have ever tasted. I highly recommend picking up a bottle if you get the chance. This vineyard is located in Ringold, GA.

Fox Winery - had many a tasty selection as well. We picked up a bottle of Scupperdew for Scott's dad to compare to his own home-brew. Located in Social Circle, GA.

We also stopped by Habersham Winery. The family that owns this winery also owns and operates the Nacoochee Grill.

The Hofbrauhaus bar had these hilarious beer steins displayed above it. At some point the "locals" and regulars could pay to get a customized stein to use when they came in. The photos that some people chose of themselves were HILARIOUS. There was many a stellar mustache displayed.

We stopped by the Gooseneck Pumpkin Farm on the way out of town. We picked out our normal sized pumpkin to take home, but were so impressed with the size of some of these things that we stopped for a quick photo op. WOW.


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