Wednesday, January 7, 2009


To my dear friend,
I will miss you so much. You aren't even gone and I can already feel the pain of your absence. Much of our relationship is unspoken and lies just below the surface, but we always manage to communicate exactly what needs to be said. We don't rely on constant contact and endless conversations to stay connected. We just are. I am certain that our unique bond will withstand the miles that will soon be between us.
I hope that you know how proud I am of you. Hold your head high for making it a priority to fulfill a purpose that is important to you. Congratulate yourself for desperately fighting to keep a commitment through such a tumultuous time. Honor your bravery for not doing the easy thing. Find contentment in the fact that you are fighting against future regrets. Find joy in the knowledge you are able to share with others for their benefit. Find hope in knowing that life happens for reason and there is something to gain from each moment - even the most challenging. Find peace in knowing that you are only as far away as the thoughts of those that love you.
As much as I hate to see you go, I hope this experience is all you need it to be and more than you could ever imagine. Take it all in. Live & learn through every opportunity that presents itself. Try to remain open. Do yourself the ultimate favor ... don't be your own worst critic. You are talented, capable, worthy and wonderful. I love you. Please come home soon. There will always be room for you here.
All my love. AB
PS: I promise only a few tears. ;)


Jennifer Susko said...

i cannot sleep so i'm looking around and i found this. now i'm crying and extremely touched. unless, of course, this is about someone else. ;) i love you very much. thanks for the encouragement. it's extremely uplifting, and i feel stronger after reading this. i will be in touch.

Jennifer Susko said...

and the part about being in your thoughts is really helpful. i'm going to think about that when i'm at the bottom over there. "ashley grubbs is thinking about me," and i know it will make me feel better. you are such a supportive friend.