Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I have made it a point not to talk politics here, however I felt like this was the only day appropriate to say a few words about our democratic process. This is by far the biggest and most widely anticipated election that most of us will witness in our lifetime. There have been heated debates, passionate speeches, an abundance of promises, mountains of anxiety and more "enthusiasm" than anyone could have predicted. This election will define our country today. No matter which way the people of our nation swing the vote, we will all be affected. Do whatever you feel is right. If you're uninformed, or for that matter mis-informed, stay home. Voting is a privilege. Don't haul yourself out to the polls to vote for this guy just because you are afraid the other guy might win. Do not feverishly denounce one candidate and yet, when questioned about your righteous indignation, not even possess the capability to articulate why. Don't vote based on the content of chain-letter emails and slanderous Internet messages. Don't vote for your party because that is what you've always done. Don't vote for that white guy because he's the status-quo. Don't vote for that black guy just because he's not. Know the issues at hand. Know what you stand for and choose the candidate that most closely reflects your ideals. Do not be lulled into a false sense of acceptance with your choice for President. Do not let yourself forget for one minute that he is not a one man decision making machine. Our President is pushed, pulled, swayed, bullied and bought by the advisors, government leaders, lobbyist, media, corporations, analyst and us that surround him. They all "aid" him in making the important decisions he faces while in office. The campaign has been important. This election day is a huge deal. Do not forget though that the "change" will be made over the span of the whole presidential term. I've heard people say vote with your heart. Please, I beg you, engage your brain in the process. Do not be fooled. Do not be apathetic. Do not be ignorant. Please. Happy Election Day.
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Christy said...

crazy!! I picked the same image for my post today! Great minds...

Alison said...

well said!!