Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do something kind today

I know that most of us spend hours a day on the computer. Between doing work and surfing the net for personal reasons, we rack up a lot of screen time. I hope that you can find it in your heart to participate in this worthwhile initiative. Below are details about the Bert Show's Big Thank You 2008. I urge you to take 15 seconds (really it takes that long) and send a message of thanks or appreciation to deserving soldiers around the world.
Last year, Bert Show listeners answered the call. In just two weeks, the Bert Show listening community collected over 350,000 handwritten thank you letters that were sent to every serviceman and servicewoman stationed outside the United States. The Bert Show's Big Thank You 2007 was a patriotic symbol of support and an extraordinary success. This year we're going even bigger.
The goal of The Bert Show's Big Thank You 2008 is to collect 1,051,200 unique messages by Thanksgiving Day. Each message will be posted on this site, and when we reach our goal, we will have enough messages to display a new flashing one on this site every thirty seconds ... for one entire year!
Our servicemen and women -- no matter what branch of the military they are in, no matter where in the world they are stationed-- will only be a click away from seing your thoughts of appreciation! It's ambitious, but with lots of help it can be done. Help us say 'thank you' by submitting your message here! And tell your friends about this site and encourage them to leave messages and tell their friends about the Bert Show's Big Thank You 2008. You will be notified of the exact time your message will be flashed for all the troops to see after you click the submit button.

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