Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fighting for the BOOBS!

The ladies got together this weekend to participate in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk at Atlantic Station. I was incredibly tired and little loopy from the medication, but it was incredibly important to me to participate. My incredible grandmother is a 19 year survivor of breast cancer and I kept thinking that the very least I can do is walk for the cause, her cause. It is amazing when I think of the medical miracles and advances that have taken place in the fight against breast cancer since my granny was diagnosed. So many lives have been saved, but there is still such a long way to go to eradicate this disease. Almost everyone I know has been touched by this frightening disease in some way. Every woman you know is someones mother, sister, daughter, family or friend. I hope that in my lifetime I am able to see even more progress and may be even a cure. It takes support for the research and the people. I'll keep trying to do my small part. 
In support of Granny and my amazement that every year she makes sure to participate in as many ways as she can, I decided to make shirts for our group. After a very long, complicated and disappointing exchange with one company I finally gave up and found someone else to work with. A quick recommendation for Velocity Screenprinting in L5P. They were so wonderful to work with and helped me out of a very tight spot. For all your t-shirt (whatever) screenprinting needs I absolutely recommend Velocity! Check out our fun Team Granny shirts!
Special shout out to my friend Fallon who saved the day by going to pick up the shirts, since I was on the disabled list for the evening. Thanks!
We also ate an incredible brunch at J. Christopher's. The omelets, turkey bacon and hot chocolate were all FANTASTIC!

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