Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Let me start this by saying we are TRYING! Scott and I have been diligently trying to make better choices regarding our eating habits. As a rule our habits as a whole aren't outrageously reprehensible, but they certainly stand some adjustments for the better. It will be a gradual process for sure. Years of bad habits to break and all. As we become more educated about what the side effects are from years of eating garbage ... we are trying to curb our diets in another direction. There is so much great information out there, but it can really be overwhelming. This too is a one step, one book, one journal, one article, one health blog at a time process.

Oh the shopping! What an adventure. Going to the same stores I've always shopped at with a new agenda in mind is quite the challenge. A scavenger hunt if you will. I have been working really hard to find the organic options for the things we would normally purchase. Some are more tough than others. Some taste AWFUL and some are quite delicious. We're still experimenting with flavors and brands, but these are some of my latest finds (Mostly from Target-Archer Farms and Kroger). Here's to our continued success in hunting down flavorful, healthy food options.

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