Friday, September 5, 2008

Hello Rita!

One of my most favorite bag companies Queen Bee Creations just released their latest design called the "Rita". I think this company is fabulous for so many reasons.

1 - Rebecca Pearcy is the owner & creator of Queen Bee. She started in the corner of her bedroom and has grown this business into a thriving success.
2 - Their designs are fun, functional and friendly to the environment (and animals!). Some of my favorite bags are made from pvc-free faux leather, vinyl and some of her latest work made from recycled banners.
3 - Not that I am looking, but they have great utility bags for parents on the go who don't want to be lugging around a super bland baby bag. Their Chickpea Baby collection is adorable.

I could list a bunch of other reasons, but these are the top 3 for sure. Check them out. I recommend the Truckette bag. It is my most favorite purchase from this past year. I carry anything and everything in it. It is very handy and makes the perfect grab and go bag.

Meet RITA in red ...

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