Monday, September 15, 2008

Cleavage Caddy

Woman Invents 'Cleavage Caddy' Purse For Your Bra ― Need a place to stick lipstick, credit cards or maybe your cell phone without carrying a purse? How about sticking them in your cleavage? A Northern California woman has invented something called the 'Cleavage Caddy' which is like having a purse in your bra. Laura McLaren came up with an insert with pockets, that goes into your bra making it easier to hold items without the worry of a purse. There are several different styles and of course sizes. The price is about $30 for the 'Cleavage Caddy."

Well, thank goodness there are different styles. I can't believe this thing. I am truly amazed at the ingenuity. Please inform me of how well this works if you choose to pick one of these little beauties up. I personally don't have enough cleavage to require or support a "caddy" of any kind, but if you are so well endowed I am sure this could be helpful in the right situation.

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