Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm leavin' on a jet plane...

It's true. I take off tomorrow for my last work trip of the summer. Fortunately for me, this particular conference is in Miami, FL!! I have always wanted to go there. I've got lots of plans if I can sneak away some personal time. I also just came across a handy little tidbit. My hotel is right on the beach and mere 0.4 miles away from MIAMI INK. WHAT?!?! I am stopping by for sure. No plans for another tat, but maybe I can get a cameo picture with one of the guys. (fingers crossed XX) More to come on this latest adventure.


homemade grits said...

ocean...yes please! have a great time. good luck stalking the guys with the sweet tats!

susko said...

man, you´ll have to let me know what you think of the americans who live there (not the cubans). i really hated it when i went and swore i would never return because they were so damn rude. the beach is beautiful, though, and you can go topless on south beach if you feel bold. :) just don´t go to the publix because people WILL run you over with their carts if you are in their way, and i pray to God you don´t have to drive yourself anywhere in a car. whoa. don´t mean to rain on the parade. my experience just sucked. can´t wait to hear about yours, though. you always find a way to enjoy your travels no matter what, which i admire.

Ashley & Scott Boatman said...

well jennifer ... per usual your observations were accurate. the majority of people i encountered off property were so rude it was unbearable. i ate dinner by myself the first night and my waiter was so rude i demanded to be served by someone else. it was quite hilarious.
i did not feel bold enough to go topless, however many others did partake in that. it was quite the show in some cases. many just casually took their tops off and laid out but others ... WOW ... others took theirs off and strolled about like they were on their own personal runway of south beach. out of control. the most awful trend i saw however were the men walking around town in their underwear. no not boxers that could be confused with shorts but straight up calvin klein boxer briefs everywhere. how does one come to decide this is appropriate? i almost inquired but thought better of it :)
i did almost get run over by a vespa, two bicycles and several cars. the traffic lights seemed to be merely a suggestion.
i did have a great time despite the rudeness. my hotel and their staff made up for the nonsense of the locals. i cannot see any reason in the world that would make me want to go back though. i cannot possibly afford where i stayed and i am too scared to try somewhere else. plus, i feel like i saw as much as i needed to see on this one visit. so check miami off the list of future destinations for me.