Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fun times to come

Along with a very hectic work schedule full of meetings and project updates, I have committed to having more fun time with my friends. I work too much, that's the bottom line. Since it doesn't look like that fact will change any time soon, my goal is just to infuse fun whenever possible. Sleep is optional right?

So this week's fun activities include ...
Thursday night dinner @ Dante's Down the Hatch

followed by Screen on the Green @ Centennial Olympic Park -- the movie is E.T.

Friday fun lunch with some new friends at my fave new Taco Mac @ Philips Arena

followed by a night time tour of the Sweetwater Brewing Company

Saturday is potential yard sale goodness with my domestic goddess of a sister-in-law. (two work events which shall remain nameless)

Come out and play. Better yet, let me know what fun thing you are doing and I will come if I can.

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Alison said...

ok, i'm just catching up here... how did those events (that have already occurred) go? what'd you think of dante's? i had the chocolate fondue there for andrea's bachelorette party and it was amazing!